What can I do in Service in Al-Anon?

  • Bring a friend to a meeting
  • Be Sponsor in Al-Anon or in Alateen
  • Nominate yourself to the Service Board or someone you know who has 2 years of experience.
  • Volunteer in the Intergroup Office
  • Take pamphlets to you Doctor or DDS Appointments.
  • Attend Al-Anon fundraisers, contribute to them.
  • Be a 12 Stepper, give what you can.
  • Make a basket for the raffle table.
  • Be an ISR and inform your group of how they can be involved.
  • Speak at a meeting, share your experience, strength and hope.
  • Welcome newcomers, give them your phone number.
  • Say yes to service and grow in Al-Anon.
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Group representative (GR)

A Group Representative is an Al-Anon/Alateen member who represents the group at district and Area Assembly meetings where the groups share information of importance.  The GR brings that information back to the group..

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Intergroup Service REPRESENTATIVE (ISR)

An Intergroup Representative is an Al-Anon and Alateen member who represents their groups at the monthly Intergroup meetings.

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San Diego Intergroup Board POsitions

Any person who is a member of any registered group for two  years, and is not a member of AA, shall be eligible to serve as a member of the Service Board either by election or as an interim volunteer.


Vice Chairperson




Alateen Chairperson

Historian and Nominations Chairperson

Institutions and Public Outreach Liaison Chairperson (IPOL)

Intercom Chairperson

Office Chairperson

Spanish Liaison Chairperson

Area Information Service Liaison (AISL)

Web Coordinator (position is under a 3 year trial period)