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Participation is Key to Harmony - Concept Four

Welcome to District 75.

Our fall Recovery Roundtable workshop on “Improving Relationships” was a big success. We look forward to taking your feedback and following up with another recovery workshop next fall. Thank you for all the positive feedback and thank you to the D75 Committee that put on this workshop! We continue to work with the SDAFG Public Outreach Coordinator to provide volunteers to “carry the message”. If you are interested in being of service and want to reach out to the community and spread the word about Al-Anon volunteer to present on a speaker panel or share CAL at a local health fair or community meeting. “When I got busy, I got better.” Contact Libby A.

Does your group have a Group Representative (GR)? If not, come join our next meeting on November 12, 2018 as a new GR or visitor! (A GR connects your meeting with World Service.) For more information contact Libby A. District 75 meets the 2nd Monday of every odd numbered month from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm at the Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 2696 Melbourne Dr. SD, CA 92123.
If your group does not have a GR, please contact Libby A., District Rep, and a District 75 GR will schedule a brief presentation for your group on the gifts of being linked to Southern California World Services (SCWS). Having a GR connects your group to District 75 and the World Service office (WSO). At our last meeting we started a Public Outreach plan, committed to holding the Recovery Roundtable this fall, and worked on developing our web page on this web site.

**Please remember to keep your district and group registration information up to date when your GR, alternates, and local service positions change. Use this link to make updates! Remember to update emails every time they change as well.

Recovery through Service,  Libby A. – DR

District chairs

District Rep: Libby A.

Alternate DR: Vacant

Treasurer: Conrad O.

Secretary: Charla H.

District Alateen Liaison (DAL): Mark M.


District Meeting

2nd Monday of every odd numbered month from 6:30 pm - 7:45
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
2696 Melbourne Dr. SD, CA 92123


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