District 72 News (East & South County)

We begin the new year looking forward to carrying the message of our fellowship by being of service. Whether this is in your group or beyond the group level, we are giving back to Al-Anon what was so freely given to us.

Current & new Group Representatives (and Alternates) please join us at our next District 72 meeting which is held on the 4th Saturday of the month, February 23rd at Atonement Lutheran Church, 10245 Loma Rancho Dr., Spring Valley, beginning at 10am-12:00.

If your group does not have a GR, any member is welcome to attend & bring information to your group. However, only registered GR’s may vote. We encourage anyone wanting to see what goes on at the district meeting to visit. All are welcome. 9 Please keep your eyes & ears open for service opportunities during the year. There will be health fairs and other District events (this year we host the Longtimer event) where you can be of service. All current Al-Anon members in Alateen service will need to be recertified before May 31st & District’s 69 & 75 will be holding recertification workshops in March (30th & 9th respectively). Those members who are interested in becoming new Alateen meeting Sponsors (AMIAS), contact me for SCWS contact info

Your Trusted Servant,
Vickie I. – District 72, District Representative

District chairs

District Rep: Vickie I.

Alternate DR: Roxane S.

Treasurer: Carolyn C.

Secretary: Roxane S.

District Alateen Liaison (DAL): Open


District Meeting

4th Saturday of every month (except May, November and December) at 10am
Atonement Lutheran Church
10245 Loma Rancho Drive, Spring Valley, CA 91978


Contact District 72 here