District 69: A message from your District

First of all I want to congratulate Fran B. for becoming our latest certified AMIAS. As a reminder, here are the steps to become an AMIAS:

1.) Take a 90 minute online class with SCWS (http://www.scws-al-anon.org/)
2.) Once completed, contact Sarah M. (her info is in this newsletter to schedule an interview)
3.) Once the interview is completed, we will turn in your
application to SCWS

Now, let's switch gears and talk Conference Approved Literature!

Did you know that all of our literature is copy-written? This means we aren't supposed to retype any of the literature like the opening/closing and The Dos and Don'ts. There are several meetings that have purchased several copies of Al-Anon Groups at Work and pass them out to open the meeting. This is a great idea!

Also, by using literature typed by your group, you may not be using the latest version.

For example:
-Does your 3 Obstacles list "religious tenants"
-Understanding Ourselves in the 3rd person?

Please consider addressing this topic at your next business meeting.

As always, CAL is available at our San Diego office!


District chairs

District Rep: Stefanie D.

Alternate DR: Bob G.

Treasurer: Open

District Alateen Liaison (DAL): Sarah M.


District Meeting

2nd Tuesday of every odd month at 7pm
Thriving Life Church
560 S Melrose Drive, Vista, CA 92081

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