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The Do's & Don'ts of Alateen
Do remember you are not the only one with an alcoholic parent.
Do look for help in Alateen, Al-Anon, AA, and other local and community councils on alcoholism.
Do learn all you can about alcoholism, a family disease.
Do be honest with yourself and others.
Do use your talents in ways that interest you.
Do develop a sensible attitude about alcoholism.
Do remember that not only the alcoholic, but all the members of the family are emotionally involved with the disease.
Do find someone other than a relative that you can confide in.
Do learn to forgive yourself and others -- you only hurt yourself by holding grudges.
Do keep your trust in your Higher Power.
Do take your own personal inventory and admit your faults to one person.
Do pass on your knowledge of Alateen to others.
Don't cover up for the alcoholic and take on responsibilities other than your own.
Don't try to make the alcoholic stop drinking -- you can't.
Don't argue with an active alcoholic.
Don't hide or throw out liquor; more is always available.
Don't take it personally when the alcoholic blames you for drinking -- any excuse will do.
Don't use drugs or alcohol as a means of escaping the family situation.
Don't condemn, judge, or criticize -- remember that alcoholism is a diesase.
Don't make your parent's problem the number one thing in your life.
Don't expect things to get better overnight.
Don't expect to change anyone but yourself.
Don't allow self-pity to grow inside of you. It will destroy you.
Don't over-react to the alcoholic's problem.
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